They're celebrating birthdays again this month at work, which means delicious cakes, pies and more!

It's important to vote!

Some co-workers brought me post-conversion presents, including this hilarious dolphin. I am totally leaving this guy in the corner in my office to greet visitors.

It's day two of the conversion and we're still going strong. One happy coincidence is that since this conversion is right after Halloween a ton of people brought in their left over candy. Delicious snacks all day long.

It's been a very long day. The team and I worked a 12+ hour day and we're looking to have another full day tomorrow. The great part is the team is wonderful and so far so good. Plus I come home to these two which make the day so much better.

There is a large conversion this weekend at work so I headed out with a co-worker to pick up provisions for everyone.

These signs always frustrate me. Buy one, get one on all EXCEPT the exclusions listed below. I know that's the nature of these types of signs but I feel like there is a better way to communicate it.

Today is the little ones absolute favorite day of the year - Halloween! You get to dress up and get candy. What is not to like?!
He had an amazing time and loved running from house to house.