It's been a very long day. The team and I worked a 12+ hour day and we're looking to have another full day tomorrow. The great part is the team is wonderful and so far so good. Plus I come home to these two which make the day so much better.

There is a large conversion this weekend at work so I headed out with a co-worker to pick up provisions for everyone.

These signs always frustrate me. Buy one, get one on all EXCEPT the exclusions listed below. I know that's the nature of these types of signs but I feel like there is a better way to communicate it.

Today is the little ones absolute favorite day of the year - Halloween! You get to dress up and get candy. What is not to like?!
He had an amazing time and loved running from house to house.

We waited till the absolute last minute so we could make sure our pumpkin was relatively squirrel-chew free.
The little one had a lot of fun.

He's loving this kid-friendly camera.

The cat is not enjoying our cuddle pile right now.

My parents drove out and visited for the day with us. Quinn was excited to show them everything in the house, which he usually does with them. There might be a new toy they haven't seen before!
We also celebrated my dad and Chris's birthdays since they were this month. They even brought a cookie cake out for Chris, which he loved.