Today we put together a little terrarium.
 It came with little figures and stickers to decorate with.
It even has light that you can turn on. It will be fun to watch things grow over the next several days and see the little one's reactions.

He's so close to being able to push the cart without standing on tiptoes.

Today he woke up at the normal early time, came into our bedroom and crawled up. He passed out shortly thereafter and slept in for once.

This week just keep getting out of the house super early. He's really enjoying it.

This morning we went over to the park and enjoyed the sunrise together. This kid is an early riser.

The little one and I took a walk early this morning and startled this racoon in a tree.

Had a run down a trail. It was a peaceful morning.

We went for an early morning walk and ran into a family of deer.