I met my friend Lori for breakfast and she gave Quinn 6 totes of clothes! So many clothes! We spent several hours organizing Quinn's room, pulling out his clothes he's out grown, and of course trying on different outfits!
In the afternoon we put together some crafts. Stickers, drawings and googly-eyes. How can you go wrong?
We hung up a few of his crafty creations on his bedroom door, which he's using as a "doorbell".

I pulled out my old Palm Pre and charged it. It still works. I really wish Android would take a cue from WebOS and implement a better card system. It's a lot wonkier on Android than it ever was on WebOS.

I didn't end up taking any photos today, but I did take a screenshot of this massive amount of mac and cheese.

That is a LOT of mac and cheese.

He is so excited to help fold laundry. I can't believe how much he wanted to do everything on his own.

Last night was a rough night for Quinn and I. I ended up staying home sick. He, however, rebounded quite well and decided early in the morning to "organize" his room, which is Quinn-speak for push his bed next to his table, where he's dumped a bunch of things to play with.

We had some cuddles this evening. He wore his Harry Potter scar all day while I was at work. I can't believe it didn't get rubbed off on anything.

3 year olds have lots of demands. Lots of them.

Quinn is in high spirits and full of energy after a low-key day yesterday. We went out for a walk around the block. This did not burn off all of his energy as I had hoped it would.