We brought home a new resident for the little one's fish tank. Meet Lamp, a nerite snail who lives with Lights, the betta fish.

I really like it when he wants to run around with Mario. He's pretty self sufficient in the game now (at least to explore) so it's great for when I want to have a few moments of silence.

We played War last night, with the lights off (using a flashlight) and with Scooby Doo cards. Spooky all the way.

We brought in some snow from outside for bathtime.

We still love to snuggle together.

Today is one of his classmates birthday, so he came home with some fun Play-Doh.

The weekend is always a great time to go sledding.

We built a snowman this afternoon. We had perfect packing snow, letting us make snowballs and other things together.