The snow and ice storm continues, so it's another day indoors. So far we've made things out of play-doh and sculpey, and we also made mini-volcanoes. A co-worker sent me a photo of her doing something similar with her son yesterday and I thought it was a great idea!
The snow and sleet has been off and on. Luckily we have power. There are number of people in the area who have lost theirs.

It's rainy, sleeting and eventually it started to snow. All in all a chilly Saturday.

We played Candy Land and video games. 
I also finally got around to assembling a Bare Conductive lamp for Quinn. The black dial in the lower right is a dimmer, each little spot makes the light brighter or dimmer. It's all held together with conductive paint, card stock, and a little light up board. Time will tell if he uses the light or not.

I hooked up a Raspberry Pi 3 I had lying around and loaded Kano OS on an SD card. The toddler has been having fun playing around on the different apps.

He's been enjoying Splatoon 2 quite a bit. On the one hand, he's getting better at hand-eye coordination. On the other, I'm tired of sharing my Switch.

They've installed a new vending area at one of the buildings at work. Instead of machines that take cash, you pick what you want and pay at a kiosk off to the side.

Chris keeps buying these crazy mashup cereals.

I keep eating them.

Unappealing in looks, the Kinder Surprise is actually tasty.

We ran some errands together and had some fun over lunch.