It's raining but warm out, so we went on an adventure by Buck Creek.
There are tons of dirt paths everywhere that we've never explored, so we wandered around each one we could find.
We stumbled across a number of deer hanging out. I'm sure they didn't appreciate us walking through their backyard. 

It's time for a haircut! I've trimmed my own hair of split ends, but cutting someone else hair is a completely new experience for me. Plus I've never, ever used clippers in my life.
He came out ok, but there are definitely some uneven spots. Luckily his hair is wavy enough that you won't notice it most of the time.

 A local library hosted a Draw Your Pets class of Corinne's so we joined and followed along.
He had fun, especially when Corinne explained that you can do different facial expressions. He was all about making everyone mischievous.

We've been playing a lot of LEGO Batman, so the 5 year old asked me to draw a green Robin mask on his face. He didn't want me to color it in, so he has a fun outline going on.

It's Mother's Day! The little one made a card for me without any help. He surprised us both and it was so adorable that he used an oversized Valentine's Day card as an envelope.
We ran around outside in the afternoon and stumbled across a woodpecker, which was a lot of fun for us both.

 It's been a busy Saturday. We practiced theater class videos prior to class this morning.
Then I hooked up a controller to the PC and he played some Lego Batman on Steam. Later we baked muffins and a cake, wandered around outside, and enjoyed some Legends of Korra.

We took our walk today with a little mandalorian.

This poor guy is doing so well with all of us home, every day. He still manages to find somewhere to lay, even if it's in the middle of the 5 year old's Jurassic Park setup.
The Stay At Home order was extended through 5/28 today, with a few industries starting back up. Construction started today and manufacturing can start 5/11. The auto industry is starting back on 5/18.

It's nice to have some sort of communication on a plan, since the current administration has blocked the CDC from distributing their plan.

The response of the federal government to COVID-19 has been a massive failure so I appreciate the states who are stepping up and following the science and not being bullied into doing something faster than they should.