He wrote me this note, which I love.
He's been enjoying this tofu chocolate mousse I made the other day. I had some tofu I needed to use up and this seemed like an easy recipe.

Today is the day congress certifies the election results. Our current president, Trump, incited those he called to DC today to march on the Capitol.

And they did. 

They broke into the capitol, ransacked offices, attacked Capitol police. The national guard was called in. 

The sitting US president incited an insurrection. 

He should have been removed a year ago when the impeached him, but he was not. 

He should be impeached or removed with the 25th amendment (of which I doubt will occur since he's spent years ensuring everyone near him is loyal). 

Those in congress, such as Ted Cruz and Hawley, should be removed from their positions. Their insistence that there was election fraud, despite evidence to the contrary, is sedition. 

If nothing happens, if there are no consequences (as there were none in April when people stormed the MI Capital), the next time this will be more bloody and may succeed.

He's been bringing these guys around with him everywhere lately.

We took a walk to the nearby nature trail and explored things on my lunch break.

We spent some time outside in the snow. He built this while I was clearing some buildup at the base of the driveway.
I also took the car out for a drive and he asked if we could go to a park. We stopped at Heritage park to see the ducks. There are still so many! They cam running over hoping we had food for them.
And this is how we ended our day. Batman, posing on our bed, ready to fight crime.

We played some in person Animal Crossing this afternono with stuffed animals and shops we created.
then we played a bit of the video game together.

It's New Year's Day! We did a video call with Nicholas and did our Christmas gift exchange with the kids.
They had a really good time chatting and, honestly, playing with their new toys. I think they both enjoyed what they got and it was a really good time for them both.

It's New Year's Eve!
We chatted with the grandparents for a bit and played some Animal Crossing with Uncle Jeff and Grandpa.
As the evening continued, we started to prepare for the strike of midnight.
Chris even made some 2021 glasses on the 3D printer.

As the time crept closer to midnight, we booted up Animal Crossing again to celebrate in-game. A little more fun for the 5 year old (and I selfishly wanted to do it too). 
We made it all the way to midnight and celebrated together in game (Chris watched us since he doesn't play).