We called my mother and wished her a happy birthday, but I forgot to take a photo. So you get a tomato photo! The first tomato picked for the season.

A smurf diorama someone built in the living room....

He loves to explore the various paths by buck creek after it's rained. And it's been rainy earlier today, which means mud!
Lots of climbing and investigating.
And seeing how deep he can get before water gets into his boots.

I'm off this week and today is a holiday, so bonus! I started digging to lay down some more bricks on one of the terraces by the house. I put some bricks down earlier this year and one area last year. Eventually I'll fill up the area with plans but for now, we dig!
I tossed a pork tenderloin in to the oven, following a recipe from a Harry Potter cookbook a co-worker gave me last year.
And we continued work in Minecraft on another base area the 5 year old picked out. We seem to move bases a lot...

He loves to sleep with a bed full of stuffed animals. Harry Potter plushies are even better still.

All summer squirrels have been eating the tomatoes as they grow on the plants. Finally one has started to turn red. I've given up on one plant and let them pick that clean. This one is off away and harder to get it and has quite a few green ones on it as well.

We spent the morning running around as Harry Potter at the park before I started work.
And in the evening when I was off, we finally watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He loved every minute of it.

We played more Minecraft and I spent some time gathering resources and building a track between a few bases that Jeff, Quinn and I have.