He was determined to re-create some Clavin and Hobbes images he saw in one of my old books.
We spent quite a bit of time climbing through the trees at the nearby park this evening. He loved every moment of it.

Yesterday the sun was red from the wildfires out west. Today it's still a little red in the sky as the sun comes up.

I'm tired of swapping out batteries all the time, because they die in the xbox controllers. I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm playing with it plugged into the console. I've taken a wireless controller and made it wired...

Ever since Chris showed him the magic of climbing in trees, he's been loving crawling around in branches.

We worked more today on laying more bricks today. That's the 3rd and final one for this area. Now to actually get some plants and what not in place.

We had fun today playing with the Trogdor boardgame. We didn't play by the normal rules, but we did have fun.

We called my mother and wished her a happy birthday, but I forgot to take a photo. So you get a tomato photo! The first tomato picked for the season.

A smurf diorama someone built in the living room....