We took an early morning walk and wandered over to Buck Creek.
We saw deer and lots of mosquitoes. The water is low compared to earlier this spring, which means it's easier to walk around and less muddy.

We had a fun day with lots of drawings and other random things. This little guy is a scary ghost yelling Boo!
We spent a few hours in the afternoon with grandma, grandpa, and uncle Jeff. We played Animal Crossing and then Quinn took them around to show off various things in his room.

 He insisted that breakfast should be a picnic, so we ate outside near the tent.
We then hung out on the deck and played some Animal Crossing.

Today is the first day I've taken off since March, and I needed it! Even working from home all summer, it's nice to be able to take an extra day to do things around the house.

First up was assembling a 3D printer for Chris. Assembly of these has really come a long way in the last several years.
We picked out first cucumber from the garden we're growing! 
 And we set up the tent in the backyard for backyard camping!
He had a really fun time, reading books, playing games, and hanging out in the tent!

He has really been loving running through sprinklers this year!

We took an early morning walk and ran across all kinds of wildlife!

I finally replaced one of the joysticks on one of my joycons. Easy fix!

We made a rainbow railroad in Minecraft this afternoon.