I couldn't figure out why there were flakes of wood all over the deck this morning. A few hours later I hear this guy, directly above, hunting for tasty things to eat.

 There is an interesting "nest" in one of our bushes. The little one has this tucked away to nest with the birds.

 This is what my son served me this afternoon as dinner.

 Little one was far less impressed with tofu parmigiana than he was with the pizza. He did not like it one bit.

We spent a little bit of the afternoon playing Animal Crossing with my brother and my dad. Grandpa seemed to enjoy the game, which is great. I think Animal Crossing is the perfect chill game for staying in doors and just relaxing when everything else right now is so crazy. So we did video chat and the four of us played for a bit exploring Quinn's island.

We made pizza together today. This time I used cornmeal, which I think helped tremendously. This was the best version of pizza I've made in years.
I also think making his own pizza helped him really enjoy the finished product. One thing about staying in so much is we've been more strict with having him try new things. It's the only variety in some of our days! He's really expanded the food he will eat, so that's a great success.

 We had a fun night enjoying snacks the grandparents shipped and playing video games with Uncle Jeff.

We found a little toad in the backyard, so we placed it in a container for a little bit. We let the little guy go an hour or so later. We have so many in the yard this time of year, it's hard not to step on them.