400,000 Americans have died from Covid19. This doesn't include missed diagnosis earlier in 2020, this doesn't include the impact of having hospitals overrun and unable to treat other issues, such as heart attacks and cancer treatments.

The Trump administration has been a colossal failure in their response to virtually anything, including how they handled the pandemic. They got theirs and the hell with anyone else.

They sowed division on the simple science of masking up, of paying people so they can stay home, of a national lock down, of the severity of Covid19 and how it is not like the flu. 

The profited while those around them suffered and died. Press conferences over the summer were timed so that stock markets would not be impacted with negative news (after the markets closed) or would boost them with "positive" spin (held right before markets closed). 

The rapid testing was misused which meant positive people who didn't show symptoms assumed they were free (since it is intended for people WITH symptoms). 

It took ages to roll out any sort of testing at various pharmacies and it was up to states to really implement anything since there was no national guidance. 

If history has taught me anything, it's that there will be no reckoning. There will be no justice served for the negligence of this administration. If anything, he will continue to push harder to divide the already horrific Republican party until it morphs into something akin to the Nazi party, and attempts a full take over.   

Tomorrow a new administration begins, and the work to undo damage wrought over the last 4 years begins. It's going to be a long, slow process and I have my doubts that we will be able to overcome a sitting president allowing kids to be separated and put in cages, 400,000 Americans to die with thousands and thousands of others suffering from longhaul symptoms (covid symptoms that persist for months), and fomenting an insurrection on this nation's capitol. 

We cannot heal and move on. We must address and root out those still in congress who supported the insurrection, we must weed out those in military and police forces who abuse their power. We can only move forward if we address this and not sweep it under the rug, as so often we do as a nation.

We took a hike at Hagar Park. After yesterday's excursion to Seidman, he wanted to get out and do something fun again.
There were snowballs.
And drawing in the snow. Hagar was a lot emptier than Seidman. I'm sure some of that is location and some of that is the fact that's its Monday and most businesses do not close for MLK day.

Today was a pretty full day. We played around in the backyard, where a Tiger-Quinn pounced and we had a snowball fight.
We did one of the Mo Williams doodles on YouTube that ran last March (we never finished the series).
And we went hiking at Seidman Park.
It was a long hike for him and it's hard for him to maintain focus for that long, but he had a great time exploring woods that looked very similar to a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

It's the winter term, which means it's a new round of virtual theatre class. Today is the first day and he had a blast!

I dug out one of my old books and I feel like I need to start reading it soon to 5 year old.

Little one has been very into Calvin and Hobbes so I started building a Hobbes sprite in our Minecraft realm that we share with Uncle Jeff.

He loves Harry Potter so much.

We have a little bucket that we keep all of the little one's wands and man...he has quite the collection going.