Uncle and nephew spent a few hours this afternoon enjoying the update to Animal Crossing and running around being silly.

We have packed the day with all kinds of activities. First up I made a bunch of home made cinnamon rolls. So delicious but so heavy.
In the afternoon we took the car out for it's weekly drive so things don't sit too long. Since I've been working from home, the car isn't getting as much activity as it normally does.
 We enjoyed some home made cheesecake in the afternoon.
And some fireworks in the evening! He was so excited and happy with our very small display.

I bought some Burpee seeds earlier in the spring, and then some bare root plants in late spring. These little Astibilbe have been doing amazing, considering how bad I am with plants usually. I'm really impressed with the quality of plants and seeds from Burpee over those I've purchased in the past in grocery stores.

 It's a beautiful and hot summer day.
These walks we take are great, but it's so hot this week.

It's been a hot week but it's been great to cool off in this little pool.

I have a few vegetable plants growing, including this tomato plant. Exited to see what food I can harvest in a few months.

Being able to work from home means taking lunch breaks and hanging out with the little one while he cools in the pool. It's going to be a very hot week, so we set everything up just in time.
Cases in Michigan for COVID-19 continue to rise. We're seeing 200-300+ cases each day for the last week. That isn't anything like what is happening in the southern states who re-opened much earlier. It is an indictment that opening too soon and not having mask compliance will absolutely cause clusters and spread of COVID. Michigan is not immune to this, as evidenced by the increase in cases and the outbreak that continues to grow based on just one bar in East Lansing, Harpers, which have 100+ cases linked to it now.

We spent the afternoon hanging out and enjoying the pool, mosquito-free.
The water isn't quite warmed up, but little kids will make it work if they can, just for the excitement of it all.