The real test with the Kindle is using it outside in the sunlight. The tablet, thought I love it dearly, cannot be out and about on a sunny day unless you're in a very shady area with the brightness up to 100%.  Otherwise the image is washed out and you strain to read any comics or other items you may have on it.

So it was a joy and a delight to see there was no issue with the Kindle in the sun.  Yes, I'd read that it was supposed to be fine in the sun, but after hearing complaints about the iPad, which claimed similar things, I wanted to be sure.

Its a neat little device that is lightweight, thin, and easy to use with one hand - which is usually how I'd read a paperback.

So far, I'm enjoying it.  And, with a plethora of free classics to download from google books and's own website, I can finally start attacking books I'd been putting off for years.


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