Originally Chris and I were going to visit my cousins Sherry and Dan at the cottage they'd rented on Fremont Lake.  Plans changed though and with nothing planned for Sunday I suggested heading out to Bertha Brock Park in Ionia.

There are some cute stone bridges and streams throughout and still a few flowers and wildlife to see.  I tried for awhile to take shots of water gliders on the water but they're fast moving little buggers and I'm not quite fast enough on manual-focus.  Still, you can see the guy in the upper left of the picture and his shadow cast on the bottom of the stream in the lower right.

After we arrived back home I set to finishing baking strawberry tarts.  I was inspired by a recipe post and gave it a go. The picture is a little grainy from my phone but they came out looking decent enough.  Not as tasty as the recipe but I'm looking forward to trying one after dinner.


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