Today was absolutely sweltering outside.  Any designs to spend more than a handful of minutes outside were abandoned when I hit the first wall of humidity and heat.  Still, we decided to swing by the Fulton Street Artisan Market and see what was going on.  Even with the heat there were a fair number of people out and we ran into one of Chris's old co-workers - who was very friendly and named Chris.

After a quick stroll through the market we bounced around to a few different stores and headed out to Celebration Cinema South for a movie.

Now, I'm ok with campy movies, and over the top cheesy horror flicks so I said ok to Piranha 3D.  The movie was alright, although since I was so sick from Avatar (since apparently you're NOT supposed to pan the scenery in 3D movies or risk feeling ill) I spent a big chunk of the movie a little paranoid and squeezing one eye shut.

I think Chris liked it more than I did.  I would have liked more Christopher Lloyd and Richard Dreyfus and less annoying teenage boy but then you're not really watching this type of movie for the plot.  Still, Jerry O'Connell was very good for the role he played.

Good weekend and I'm sad to see it go but I'm looking forward to a 3-day work week and then having 5 days off!


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