I loathe making pie crusts from scratch (or really anything that requires finesse and a rolling pin), but that's what my mom did a lot and honestly I like them better than store bought.

So tonight that's what I set to doing - rolling out pie shells. Four of them. I only have one job for Thursday, and that's to bring one pecan and one pumpkin pie.  So why four pie shells?  Why not?  I  have the ingredients for two pecan pies and two pumpkin pies and it's not like you can't freeze them (contrary to popular belief on pumpkin pie).

Somewhere between mixing the pumpkin pie and the pecan pie I decided it would be a grand idea to make rice krispie treats.  I had asked Chris to pick up some cereal today while he was out and thought it would be a nice thing to have on hand to make at some time.  Apparently that time's tonight.

Now we didn't have marshmallows but the recipe on the box was for something else that seemed like it could be equally tasty - it involved karo syrup, sugar, peanut butter and chocolate.  How could you go wrong?

A few hours after starting I'd managed to fill up the entire counter and dishwasher with drying dishes and the kitchen table with tasty treats.

I'm really hoping my family is hungry on Thursday because I'm bringing at least half of this stuff over.


Yum! looking forward to pumpkin pie and smelling pecan pie and krispie treats....

I agree with you on the pie crust. I don't enjoy doing them either but heck they do taste better. And that's the way my mother did it too... (your grandmother). You've turned into a wonderful baker Jen. I'm sure Chris will attest to that... See you in a bit. Happy Thanksgiving day, love always Mom

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