Morning has come and with it more brightly wrapped gifts!  Neither of us really had an easy time picking out gifts for the other.  There isn't a whole lot either of us really need; between the two of us we have enough furniture for at least a house and a half, and we both certainly have enough gadgets for a small army of high-tech ferrets.

But spending time together is the best part of the day (super cheesy, I know).  And we got to do that.  Peppy and Leki had fun playing together through a small pile of wrapping paper and boxes. It always great to see Leki get into playing with the ferret; so often he just looks at her confused by her strange ferret dance.

We even got to play a little bit with FaceTime.  Since my dad has a mac mini Chris and I got him a webcam to hook up to so he can use Skype and FaceTime in the living room.  So we tested it this afternoon between my ipod touch and my parents lovely flatscreen tv hooked up to their mac mini. Worked great.  I'm not a huge fan of video chat in general, but I'm glad to see that it worked well and at the possibilities of interrupting their video watching in the evening.  mwhahaha

Seriously though.  It was a great day.  Here's a slideshow of the holiday happenings over the last few days from my flickr feed.


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