One of the things I've been meaning to get done is car maintenance. An oil change, some new tires; you know those things you should make time for that you perpetually put off.  Since Chris and I had the day off today we decided to do some running around today.

We swung by Discount Tire and picked up four new tires. Expensive, but considering they're likely the original tires that came on the car (at the very least they've been the same ones I've had since I bought it) the treads were low and it was time.

After that we ran around to a few different places and then off to get an oil change.

Not a terribly exciting lead up to New Years Eve, but then New Years Eve to me is kind of a "meh" holiday.  As a kid I stayed up with my parents and watched a marathon of movies.  The majority of my 20's I've spent barely staying awake (but certainly not always making it) and never out.  I'm not really a bar fly so there isn't much appeal to hang out at a bar.  In fact, I really just prefer to stay at home and hang out.

So for all the people headed out for the evening - I hope you have fun!  And for all the people staying in for the evening - I hope you have fun! As long as you're doing something you enjoy and not hurting anyone, that's all that really matters, right?


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