We really didn't have anything much planned for Saturday.  Most of the running around and chores we needed to get done we wrapped up Friday, which has left the rest of our four day weekend open wide.

I spent an amazing amount of time gaming on and off throughout the day.  With the recent revamp of the old World of Warcraft continents I've been leveling through the old content participating in more amusing (and engrossing) story-lines, complete with cut-scenes and non-playable characters (NPCs) who have more personality than characters did the first time I played through.

We did take a several mile stroll along Kent Trails and in the neighborhood in the afternoon, just to get out and about.  The weather was really warm yesterday, though today it was starting to feel more like it should for winter.   There are several patches of ice along the trail that have a really interesting appearance.  I didn't have my SLR with me, just the ipod.  So I snapped a shot and made a slightly more ominous version through photoshop express and instagram.


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