It's Sunday, day three of our four day weekend.  Today wasn't quite the epic-length video game festival, but I certainly did a lot of gaming on and off.  Late the in afternoon we decided to take a stroll along Kent Trails.  It had snowed last night and early this morning, so there was no longer the eerie ice effect to photograph, but I took the SLR just in case.
It was chilly out, and I kept stopping to take photographs of everything in a vain attempt to come up with this week's CSTM photo comparison.  No real luck.  The light dusting of snow isn't being very helpful; I could really use enough to coat the leaves on the ground.  But that will come soon enough this winter, I'm sure.

This evening has been pretty relaxing so far.  Honestly this long weekend has been fantastic and this is just another great day.  I made some dough in the bread machine so we had home made pizza and Chris made these tasty (and massive) cheese sticks.  It's nice to have time to make meals instead of being rushed or too tired after work.

Chris even made these interesting chips-ahoy, marshmallow, & chocolate chip smores to snack on later while we watched The Guild.  Since I hadn't seen any of season 4, I was amused to see Vork making smores while we were snacking on the ones Chris made.

If you haven't seen The Guild, you should (if you play or like video games that is, otherwise it might not be that amusing to you).  It's a hilarious web series about gamers in and out of the game environment.  You can watch several episodes on their website, so I suggest you check it out.

Ok, this is a longer than normal blogpost.  This is what happens when I have time in the evening.  Sorry for the rambling! BTW, here's a short vid Chris did of the chilly stroll.


Those chocolate chip cookie s'mores look yummy. I know what I'm making next time I have chocolate chips.

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