Today was Rockford's Second Annual Ice Festival.  Unsure of what to expect in terms of size, Chris and I decided to take a quick drive up and check it out.  There were a fair number of people in downtown Rockford, armed with steaming cups of coffee and hot chocolate.

The sculptures were sprinkled about downtown, though being short I had difficulty seeing over any display that had more than a row of children crowded around it.  It was good to get out and check it out. I'm a little bummed that both this event and the one in Holland were going on today but not tomorrow.  Maybe next year we'll check out the Holland one.

Here's a slideshow of some Rockford Ice Festival shots.

Plus, Chris has some video of the event!

I also spent a fair amount of time just trying to take photographs of nature. Admittedly that's difficult in the midst of a festival, but with Rockford Dam right there, full of ice and snow, I had to try. I did get a few shots that came out decent.
My catalog of winter shots for this season is slowly growing....


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