This afternoon at Rosa Park Circle in downtown Grand Rapids they held Ice Battle Chess, which was apparently for a show on the Food Network. I was sure to bring my camera so I could try to take some photos.

I got there around noon, which was when the chess was supposed to start. Like a lot of things (especially something this size) it didn't start on time.  But that's ok. All the shuffling around setting things up gave me a chance to get some photos in before a crowd really built up.

They were just getting started when I had to head back to work.  Since they were looking for audience participation, it was just as well.  I would be a terrible extra for a TV show since I would likely not participate in most of the antics that look good on the camera. I really just enjoy trying to be a wanna-be ninja (we all know I'm not stealthy) as opposed to drawing attention.

Anyway, here's a slideshow of some shots from this afternoon. No ice smashing shots since I left before the game really got going.


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