Three weeks in a row of four day work weeks made this regular five day week so loooooong.  We got up to another fresh snowfall, and the drive to work was slow, but honestly not as bad as it looks like it would be from the photograph.  The apartment complex where I live is horrible at clearing snow, so it's always worse here than anywhere else I drive.
We headed out in the evening to see The Green Hornet and met up with Chris's friend Dave and his girlfriend.  Early on neither of us were interested in seeing it, but somewhere along the road Chris changed his mind and so I tagged along. I went in assuming it was going to be crappy, but it was surprisingly amusing.  It's an action-comedy film all the way, so expectations of it being comic book like shouldn't be too high.  I also am not familiar with the original series, so I can't say that it was a good or bad update to that.  We saw it in 2D (because really, does ever film need to be in 3D? seriously...) and it was just fine that way.  In fact, the only thing that seemed like it would have been interesting in 3D were the comic book graphics for the ending credits.

Anyway, Chris posted a video review which basically sums up my opinion as well.


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