So I've never seen War Games. Yes. I know. I have no excuse. It's a classic movie of computer hacking and I have no reason for not having seen it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite Chris having to explain to me what the heck an acoustic coupler was and what war dialing is.  The movie held up well enough to me, but maybe that is because I'm so used to other movies of the 80's centered around the Cold War (which I think Canadian Bacon, while a 90's flick, does a good job poking fun at).  Anyway, I'm glad to have finally seen it.
Outside of that the day was pretty quiet and low key.  Chris made a pile of pigs in a blanket for lunch-time snacking.  He also made a tasty breakfast and dinner - so all in all the day was a win for me in terms of laziness and relaxing.


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