Thanks to the upcoming holiday and wedding, Chris and I have several weeks in a row of four-day work weeks. Determined to enjoy the extra day and be productive, Chris and I set out to get some errands done. First up was picking up the marriage license. Who knew there were so many copies involved? After that we dropped of his friend Chris's tuxedo measurements (since Chris lives in China), did some grocery shopping, and headed home.

The time I spent playing pokemon on my DSi spilled over and I carted that little device with me, popping it open at stop lights to take a turn during battle (since I get motion sick if the car is moving). It's a great little device for times when you have to wait (in line, at the doctors office, etc).
The clouds overhead broke and the sun was shining in the afternoon, so we took a long stroll down Kent Trails enjoying a nice breeze and warm weather. There's been a chance of rain all day, but somehow we keep missing the little rain showers.


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