We headed out mid-morning for our third and weekend in a row visiting with my parents. Dayzee was super excited when we got there. I think she's enjoying all the extra company lately.
My parents had picked up my grandmother for the weekend, so we spent the day all hanging out. I dont see my grandmother that much since, as a family, we dont all get together for the holidays. Instead my grandmother spends each holiday with one of her children and their extended families. Much less hassle and stress on her since there's no need to host a large family at her place, cooking, cleaning, and running around busy all day.

My dad and brother did most of the cooking - I really only just watched. Tasty swedish meatballs are always a welcome meal.
It was a good day and great to hang out. And in just over a month we'll be able to do it again, this time for the wedding. That's the great thing about a small wedding - it can be more intimate.

Also, here's a short video Chris took on Mother's Day.


There were 17 people (priest made 18) at my wedding! That was immediate family, my roommate and my husband's best man!

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