Today was our visit to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. Quinn had a fun time with a few different activity centers.
 Admittedly the giant light bright was his absolute favorite station. It definitely helps that you can grab the plastic sticks and carry them around.
 After the museum we went out to eat. We been to a lot of restaurants so it was good practice for Quinn.
We hung up his little turtle that he made at the toddler activity time on the fridge. We had to make sure it was out of his reach since he was concerned with pulling all of the paper he stuck to it off.

We went grocery shopping this morning and picked up a few things to grill. I haven't had ribs in a long time, so I was really excited to grill some ribs. They came out pretty good. Plus, leftovers!

We went to the Tanger Outlet Mall to let Quinn run around and enjoy new things to look at. He had a good time, although it was pretty hot out.

The play structure there was fun.

We spent part of the afternoon at Palmer Park, which is always pretty empty and very well shaded. Perfect for a warm summer-like day.
We also picked up a little potty. He enjoyed pulling it apart. This is going to be a weird new experience for everyone involved.

I think I like the top step counter, not the bottom...

The kitchen counter is great for playing on.

Sidewalk chalk time!

Little sweeper.

This kid will climb all the things. And if he cant reach, he'll climb over his steps and try to shuffle across with his hands...

The weather has been fantastic this weekend - the perfect weather to try out the zoo with Quinn. They open at 9am and we are always up by then.

We arrived there a little after 9:30 and that was perfect timing. The zoo wasn't too busy and it wasn't too hot.
He wasn't afraid of the aquarium at all, which was great news. The fish at cabelas have freaked him out every time we've visited there, so we were a little nervous.
All the animals were new to him, and probably very strange.
He was a pretty good sport about everything, although he wouldn't touch any of the animals in the barn area.
Because we were at the zoo so early there were hardly any people indoors, which meant Quinn could push his stroller as much as he wanted.
We did the whole zoo which took about 2 hours and Quinn was good the whole time. When we passed the last exhibit he started to zone out a little and fell asleep in the car a few minutes later.

After a 2 hour nap, he was refreshed and ready to run around again.

We spent quite a bit of time outside today and even brought out the sidewalk chalk. He drew on the sidewalk a little. Mostly he just ran around with the chalk and rubbed it all over his shirt.

Its the last day of work for a co-worker before she moves onto a new job. A really sad day, brightened by tasty treats. All the treats were gluten free, which tasted interesting.

I had a meeting on the east side of the state for work that was going to take the better part of a day, so the whole family took a road trip. Chris visited with my parents while I went to my meeting and later in the day we all went out to visit Grandpa Karath.

Quinn had a really good time hanging out with everyone.

He loves being outside!

With the new kitchen stool comes a new found toy - the sink. Quinn has been rolling toys into the sink the last several days.

Sometimes the little guy insists on playing with my glasses.

Chris made a nice step stool for Quinn this afternoon. He already loves it!

Q woke up from his nap but was obviously still tired. So he snuggled up with me in bed and we both took a nap while Chris hung out and made sure no one rolled off the bed.

Hooray for afternoon naps.

Silly kid.

Entertainment! Right on the deck!

He's finally starting to get the hang of pens. He's been really enjoying this doodle pad Chris bought him, even erasing when he wants to start scribbling on a blank screen.

he discovered the cat slippers my parents bought me a few Christmas's ago. He had a fun time walking around with them, fascinated by the face on them.

Yarn Yoshi was on sale awhile back so I picked the little guy up. I don't have a Wii U, so this little plush amiibo with the sensor in the bottom won't do anything fancy for me, but he's adorable and keeping my other desk critters company.

 Quinn had a good day. He took a nice early nap (although it was too short).
 In the early afternoon we went to Palmer Park to run around.
Then later we put together his Crabbie sand table and filled it with water. Now it's a water table! Splashing the water around was a lot of fun and he was drenched pretty quickly.

We celebrated Mother's Day a day early with both grandmothers. It was a good, long day and Quinn had a fantastic time.

Captain America: Civil War comes out today and I took the day off so Chris and I could see it. We took turns, like we've done for the last several movies. So I went to the early showing...
...then in the afternoon Chris, Adam and Comfort all went to watch the movie. Quinn and I went to Palmer Park to hang out a little and enjoy some sunshine.

He loves this spot. It's high enough that the kid cant reach him, he can see everything that is going on in the living room, and it's comfortable! At least I assume it's comfortable.

Chris had a dentist appointment at noon so Quinn and I got to hang out for a bit, making noise and drawing on the chalkboard door.

I can just imagine him jumping. Or, bouncing. He's not quite jumping yet, but he's close.

This kid has all kinds of awesome fun outside!

I swung by GameStop to pick up this month's Pokemon. I have to say, I'm enjoying all of the level 100 pokemons they're releasing. Since I'm not interested in grinding to level any I have and I haven't been too into the post-storyline quests, these high level pokemon make some things a lot easier to do.

Plus there's no reason not to collect the free buggers.