I always loved treasure hunts. When I was little my parents used to make up riddles and stash the notes somewhere hidden on the xmas tree when my little brother and I were going to receive a big present - like a bike or a stereo. I wasn't always very good at them, but I definitely enjoyed the experience.

So after reading about geocaching last year I thought I would try it. Well, I did - and failed. Now I know that some spots are in mucky areas, or hard to reach. What I didnt expect when I laced up my boots was such deep water due to flooding. I'm not sure why - we've had flood advisories in the Grand Rapids area. But none the less, I didnt come prepared. I came about, according to my GPS, 20 yards from the cache and could go no further. I walked around and tried to get through the water, but it was too deep.

So geocache attempt number 1 - failed.

Tomorrow I'm going to try another one...


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