I'm still trying to use Xbox Fitness most days of the week. I'm following along with a bunch of people on the XboxFitness subreddit, and I've found the MOSSA videos everyone is doing this month fun, but they're more single purpose, so I'm having a little bit of a harder time this month. All of the videos are 30 minutes, but some are cardio and some are weight training, whereas the video series from January while just as long, were cross-training videos. I suppose that was better to start off with. I don't think I could have started off the bat with 30 minutes of cardio.

Anyway, now I find myself either doing all cardio or doing some weight training videos and then supplementing with some short cardio, like tonight. After being gone at work for most of the day it's hard to let working out suck up more than an hour of my evening. I have books and video games waiting for me!

I'm still enjoying the whole thing and I do notice a difference, if only in my attitude thanks to endorphins.

The cat is still unhappy at being locked out of the room though. Poor guy. He wants so desperately to lay on the floor in my way.


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