We woke this morning to additional snow. So before we left for the east side of the state Chris shoveled about an inch and a half off of all the sidewalks and driveway.
We had a late lunch at my parents house. This year was non-traditional. We had pasta instead of turkey. But there was pumpkin pie later, so that makes up for it.
In the evening we headed over to Chris's mom's house for some dessert and to hang out. Scot really enjoyed a little handheld gaming device Chris brought and played some cool retro games.
And Chris's mom enjoyed seeing new photos on his phone.
We also tested to see how well skype would work if she got a tablet so she could see her grandson. So here she is skyping for the first time. She's never used a computer, so I think the test went well enough. She may get internet and a tablet so we can do video calling.


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