When I first moved out to Grand Rapids in 2004, I brought with me a large stuffed dog (this FAO Schwartz's Patrick the Pup - medium size). The dog had been stuffed into my trunk on top of boxes and up against the light bulb in the trunk.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was slowly burning a hole in the dogs ear while I unloaded boxes and the light bulb burned away at the fabric. It always kind of looked a little like a cigar burn, but I never got around to actually fixing it. My old dog Vash loved this stuffed animal and Leki loves it too. So there was always someone who didn't seem to mind the burn, even though it looked terrible.

However, since we're going to have a little one this year I decided it was time to clean up the dog and fix the ear. Sure he won't be able to play with the stuffed dog at first, but it's living in that room at the moment so I might as well make it look pretty.
So I took some fabric that I bought awhile back that matches the cat's tower (for future repairs) and sewed a little patch on both sides of the ears.
In retrospect I suppose this was a miss opportunity to stick some sort of button that lights up or plays music in the patch, but I suppose if I really wanted to, I could tear a few stitches out and shove something in there.

Anyway, at least now it doesn't look like someone tried to set the dog's ear on fire.


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