We're in the middle of a weather advisory and supposed to get up to 12 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. So that means we're pretty much staying home all day where it's warm.
It's also a perfect opportunity to create some replacement felt toys for the bouncy chair we have for the little one. Chris really didn't like the elephant it came with, so we thought we'd make a few of our own that we could swap out periodically.
I decided to go with some basic shapes that were also video game themed. Using what felt we did have in the house, I cut out the cloud from Mario and a Super Star. The Pac-Man ghost will have to wait for a later date when I pick up more felt.

The eyes were pretty easy to sew on.
 And after looking how to do a blanket stitch, I got to work getting the two halves together.
 I stuffed each toy with some poly-fill and used some elastic to hang them with.
We'll be able to adjust them so they're out of reach, although I've stitched everything tight enough that if he does gnaw on anything the worst that will happen is that they toys get wet.

I wanted to do something more intense, like put some lights inside with some of conductive thread and lights I have, but I just cant think of a safe way to incorporate electronics in a baby toy where I  could make the toy safe.

As he gets older I look forward to sewing on blinking lights, speakers, and other arduino parts onto costumes and what not. Adafruit has a fantastic selection of wearables that I'm itching to try but I just can't come up with any projects for me. And as much as I'd love to do a GPS collar for the cat, he never leaves the house so...


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