Every year the Roberson's (my mother's mother's side) have a reunion in Midland. We've only attended one other time so this year we headed out to introduce the new baby to my aunts and uncles.
 My great aunt Bonnie enjoyed seeing little Quinn.
As did my aunt Bonnie.
And my aunt Elaine.
 Everyone got to hang out and enjoy the nice weather.
And Quinn was passed around to everyone. He had a hard time at the beginning of the day. That was a lot of attention all on him. He was way too distracted to eat, so then he'd get even more frustrated and start screaming. Both times we needed to feed him we had to hide somewhere so he could calm down.
 But as the afternoon wore on he started to have a good time.
 And enjoyed being carried about on shoulders.
 And playing with his truck.
We also were able to take a photo with all four generations - my grandmother (who is now 88), my mother, Jeff & I and then Quinn.

Driving to Bay City and Midland is always a long drive, but worth it. Now that we don't get together as a large group any more (most of my cousins are 10+ years older than me with their own families established) it was nice to see a lot of people and catch up.


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