Last month during a Woot Off, (which is when the Woot site sells random things for a certain amount of time or until its out of stock and then moves onto the next item all day long) one of things that went up was the infamous Bag of Crap. It's a $5 grab bag of random stuff that can be good or bad and sells out very, very quickly.

Due to a server glitch, the item was up much longer than it should have and they oversold by quite a bit. Initially they'd canceled my order, but they decided to reinstate mine as well as over a thousand others. They took a little longer than usual to fulfill the order since they had to make so many, but it shipped way sooner than I'd thought it would.

The Bag of Crap arrived today and was pretty random, but much better than the last one. We now have two shower radio things for all of our showing needs I guess.

It did come with a pair of shoes in exactly Chris's size, which was pretty nice. And some weird bowls to make bacon bowls. Plus other random things.

All in all a pretty amusing random box of stuff to get for $5.


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