The day started out great. I ate a plate of cookies at work.
And then after the day was over I came home to my parents playing with Quinn and getting ready to babysit so we can go see the movie together.

My parents were awesome enough to pick up dinner too. Comfort, Adam and Corinne all came by before the movie. We ate some food, hung out, then headed out to the theater.
We arrived an hour and 10 minutes before the film started and they'd already started seating. So the best seats we could get were in the second row. Not the greatest seats, but the screen was still visible so that's all that matters!
Everyone who was in the first showing (at 7pm) also received a premiere patch.

It was a fun night and Quinn was a perfect angel for his grandparents. I look forward to dropping him off at their place and going to movies or going out to eat next year.


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