I've been itching to change up some things on my phone. It's been getting sluggish and I've just been tired of using a rooted version of the stock Samsung OS that comes on the S5. So on Sunday night I finally took the plunge and loaded Android Marshmallow on my phone.

Marshmallow isn't officially out on the Samsung S5, but it is available so different groups of developers have created different custom ROMs you can load onto you phone. I decided to try VRToxin.

So far my phone is a lot snappier. That could have something to do with only running a 170 or so apps as opposed to the 360+ on the Samsung OS. There were a lot of Samsung services I didn't use, like S Health, S Voice and so on, and they're baked into the Samsung OS (why wouldn't they be?).

There are a few odd things that aren't perfect, such as brightness not auto-dimming and the notification LED doesn't work, but so the snappiness of my phone more than makes up for those minor irritations.

Now I just have to re-learn where the settings are, since they're completely different than Samsung's UI.


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