When I logged in this afternoon to my Displio account I noticed that several of their pre-created widgets that you can load onto the device were reordered and some had changed. So they're definitely working on correcting the broken ones. They also had responded to comments on their Kickstarter page noting that things weren't working properly.

On a whim I thought I'd try the Twitter widget again, and lo and behold it worked this time.

I'm still a little disappointed that the multiple screens aren't working yet (each side is supposed to have it's own screen), but it's obvious they're working on correcting some bugs so I'm hopeful that feature is forthcoming.

Originally when I'd backed the kickstarter last year I had thought I could leave such a device lying around on my desk and it would update with different info I'd programmed it with. Now a year into having a kid and I barely sit at my computer desk (although I'm hopeful that will change) so for now I've just been setting it around in random spots.

I really think it would be a fun device to have at work and maybe someday, if some bugs are worked out and they ever roll out the mobile apps. For now it would just be more hassle than it's worth, especially since it's wifi driven and wouldn't talk to my phone via bluetooth.

Still, it's a neat device. You can program your own widgets in javascript so I'll probably have Chris help me with some things since he's more familiar than I am with js.


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