We drove to the east side of the state today to visit my mother in law first. We typically stop there for a few hours in the morning.

Quinn had a lot of fun running around and getting into all of her delicate decorations.
We headed out to my parents house in the afternoon for thanksgiving dinner. We tossed a little of everything on Quinn's plate, which he promptly turned his nose up to. He's been very difficult these last few weeks and refusing to eat much of anything. Today was no different.

He did eat cheesecake though. Because of course he'd eat dessert.
He also enjoyed his pick of water and milk from two different cups. Who doesn't like a variety of beverages?
In the evening we headed home with his blanket and a Sesame Street DVD. He fell asleep after 20 minutes or so, which made for a peaceful trip back to the west side of the state.


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