We made our annual trip to the metro Detroit area to visit both Chris's family and mine. The first stop was Grandma Karath's house.
Quinn had a lot of fun running around everywhere, loving all of the Christmas decorations.
In early afternoon we opened presents. Uncle Scot helped teach Quinn how to open presents, which was a lot of fun.
Later we drove over to my parents house. The two houses are about 20 minutes apart, which is nice after a two hour drive across the state.
Chris's best friend Chris was in town (he currently lives in Beijing) and was able to spend the day with everyone. He's basically family and my parents really enjoy having him over.
Quinn was a real trooper. With only a 20 minute nap he went from 6:30am to almost 7pm without any serious meltdowns. Exhausted, he still wouldn't stop playing and started to lay down on this mat, putting cars around on it. 


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