We started Quinn's 3rd birthday out right - with cuddles. He woke up pretty early and wanted to go downstairs. As soon as we got down there he curled up on the couch with me and passed out for several hours.
 Eventually we got up and drove to the east side of the state for birthday festivities! The first stop was Grandma Karath's house for some lunch and cake.
And, of course, fun presents! Lots of cars to drive and wrapping to toss all over the place. He had a great time.
 Next we headed over to the Oslund's house. We did presents first, which Quinn appreciated.
 He received some more of the Gossie & Gertie books that he loves and asked grandma to read one of them to him.
After dinner we had the dessert train (train cake). Quinn was very excited to sample all the toppings again.
He slept the whole way home so was wide awake when we pulled him out of the car. We watched a few episodes of Sarah and Duck in mommy and daddy's bed and then off to his for the night.


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