It's going to be rainy all day so our plans to enjoy outdoor things weren't going to happen. So the two of us left the house early and let Chris enjoy some quiet time at home. We went out for a tasty breakfast, which included funfetti pancakes!
Then we spent over an hour at the mall before they opened. He was the only kid at the play area but he didn't mind.
In the afternoon, once he woke up from a long nap, we assembled a Lego Movie lego set and then watched the movie. He spent a big chunk of the time holding onto the mini-figures from his set and was in awe of everything he saw. Once the movie was over he spent several hours building and playing with the his legos, even initiating disassembling to build new. I'd say the movie was a success since that lesson helped reinforce what Chris and I have been telling him he can do.


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