When I picked up a scarf I had started 5 years ago, Quinn immediately asked me to make him one. While I enjoy it, I don't tend to knit because it's painful from tendonitis and if I have to pick between knitting and gaming, I'll pick gaming 99.9% of the time (they're both repetitive motion activities).

Still, when your kid asks you to knit him something, you KNIT HIM SOMETHING. So he picked out the color from a stash of yarn I had and I set to knitting. I knit at home at night, I knit at lunch. I tried to take breaks and then I'd just enjoy the grove I was in and overdo it.
I made a fair number of mistakes, like forgetting you don't make a stockinette stitch unless there's a border or pattern to prevent curling, but he loves it anyway. He's been excited for me to finish and tried to get me to stop when it was just half as long as the finished product.
Now I can wait a few weeks or months and rest my arms before hopefully starting back in on this project from pre-kid.


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