For Chris's birthday last year I bought him tickets to Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. Well, today is the day!
We also won the lottery for entry into the big panel for Saturday. I was a little disappointed their big panel was Galaxy's Edge, which is the theme park they're putting at the Disney parks. But it turns out this was great for Chris, as it turned into a whole marketing and promotion type event, and that's totally in his wheelhouse of knowledge and interest.

Plus part of the pre-show was done by Warwick Davis, so that was fun.
Quinn did great waiting 2 hours for the panel to start (especially after a 3 hour car ride). By the time the panel started he was bored and wanted to play on his tablet, so he watched a movie while we watched the event.
When the panel was done we headed to the show floor, which was in another building. The temperature in the sun was perfect at 50 degrees for walking between the buildings.

This entire helmet is built of mini stormtroopers.
They had LEGOs over by the lego booth for kids to play with, so we spent a fair amount of time here while Chris wandered some of the show floor.
Chris dressed up as one of the Fisher Price Space Adventure People, which was a toy line that came out at the same time as Star Wars.

Quinn, of course, was Han Solo (new costume).
It was a pretty busy convention. With a 4 year old in tow I didn't spend as much time taking photos or even looking at things as I normally would. He had a tendency to wander off, as kids do.
I was impressed by the number of books and the fact that the Del Rey book publisher had a booth. They were selling a con-exclusive cover for a Star Wars book. Admittedly I've only read one Star Wars book, nothing was a huge must have. But I appreciated that a publisher for several books I've read over the years had a booth, since I've never seen that at a comic convention.
We were at the convention basically from 8:30am to about 4:30pm. Quinn did great considering how much walking and waiting was involved in everything. We stopped at the show store on our way out and he fell in love with this crystal fox, whom he named sniffy. He's been carrying it everywhere since picking him up.
 The view from our hotel was pretty nice, so that was a happy bonus for the evening.


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