A co-worker recommended Kitch-iti-kipi. It's a spring in the UP that keeps the water 45 degrees year round.
 You wheel yourself out on a raft that is connected to guide wires.
There's a section in the middle of the raft that is open to the water and you can see all the fish swimming.
The further the go, the closer to the spring you get. You can eventually get right over the spring and watch the sand bubble from the water.
 After the spring and lunch, we headed north to Miners Castle. It was very foggy...
We also headed down to Miners beach, which was a lot more fun for the little one. He ran back and forth and watched the waves of Lake Superior.
There were lots of driftwood and rocks on the breach. Someone had built a shelter with the wood so we played a bit there before finally heading back to the car (it was cold).


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