Today the governor of Michigan ordered all non-essential businesses to close. Everyone who can stay home should stay home. Grocery stores will still be open, as well banks and pharmacies, hardware stores, telecommunication companies, and others.

While I've been working from home for the last week and a half, it's good to finally see this pushed harder. Coronavirus is no joke, and a lot of people think that it isn't as serious as it is.
With the shut down I have friends and family impacted, and I hope that congress can pass meaningful legislation to help those who need it. CEOs and executives pulling down millions of dollars do not need help - someone making minimum wage does.

Quinn is aware of the issues but not the larger, scarier picture. And that's ok. He's loving all of the extra time all together and we try to take at least one walk outside a day. Not playing on the playground equipment is hard for him, but he understands the risk and has been good about it.


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