I made some Halloween-themed pancakes, which the little one still loves to get.
Lunch was also themed, but he was less impressed since it was healthier.
He decided to be Harry Potter this year, so we put on his costume, grabbed his cauldron, and got ready for some fun that Chris created for him.
Chris designed and drew three mock houses, puppets, a script, riddles and poems for Quinn to enjoy and have fun with, since we're not going out trick-or-treating this year.
Quinn loved it so much, he asked Chris to swap places and Quinn pretended to be a puppet dishing out silly jokes and passing out candy.
We took a fun walk in the afternoon and enjoyed everyone's decorations.
After a second round of trick-or-treating to the houses Chris made, we had dinner and then some fun Halloween festivities in Animal Crossing with grandpa and Uncle Jeff.


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