Today is the day congress certifies the election results. Our current president, Trump, incited those he called to DC today to march on the Capitol.

And they did. 

They broke into the capitol, ransacked offices, attacked Capitol police. The national guard was called in. 

The sitting US president incited an insurrection. 

He should have been removed a year ago when the impeached him, but he was not. 

He should be impeached or removed with the 25th amendment (of which I doubt will occur since he's spent years ensuring everyone near him is loyal). 

Those in congress, such as Ted Cruz and Hawley, should be removed from their positions. Their insistence that there was election fraud, despite evidence to the contrary, is sedition. 

If nothing happens, if there are no consequences (as there were none in April when people stormed the MI Capital), the next time this will be more bloody and may succeed.


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