My little cousin Ashley turned 10 today. She's quite a bit younger (nearly 20 years from Dan) than her other brothers who I spend quite a bit of time with.

In keeping with tradition they had another birthday party this year. I've not attended all of them, but I try to go every few years since I dont see Ashley or my aunt and uncle a whole lot outside of that - despite them living (until recently) in Rockford.

So Chris and I headed out there and I got to spend time with Sherry and Natalie, as well as Dan and Josh. Amanda was there as well. Hell, even my parents came out for a little while. All in all it was a good afternoon, despite people being under the weather.

As a belated birthday gift (and completely outside of our normal cousin tradition), Josh picked up a cute novelty I had always found amusing: Eco-sphere. So here it shall chill, on my desk and away from anything the cat may want to do with it.

There are additional photos here: Ashley's 10th Birthday Celebration


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